Comparison graph

As you can see from the above comparison chart, PoundSeller is great value compared
to eBay.

To see how much cheaper we are, see the below examples:

Fees for a 'Buy it now' item sold for £10;

eBay £1.40
PoundSeller  £1.00

Fees to list a 'Buy it now' item that sold for £30

eBay £3.40
PoundSeller £1.00

Fees for an auction item at £200 with £150 reserve;

eBay £25.80
PoundSeller £1.00

Fees for a £2000 'Buy it now' motor sale;

eBay £30
PoundSeller £1.00

Don't forget with the above examples you get 5 free pictures with PoundSeller compared to 1 free picture on eBay, plus all our newly listed items appear on our front page free.

We do not charge any extra fees for buy it now or reserve options.

This is why more people are joining PoundSeller every week,  no commission, no sales fees, we keep selling simple.

Best wishes

PoundSeller Ltd